Monday, November 03, 2014

So far for that period since that has gone past... coz i cant think of a better title at the moment

Well what to say...

Life does goes on. Wounds heal with time. Regrets and what ifs props up from time to time. But who am I to define what lies ahead ay? So, just gotta tell myself that I've to change myself. So I did. Signed up for Anytime Fitness. Nothing fanciful except its open 24/7! It's a good thing for someone who works like any other day, practically everyday, nightshifts. This is a godsend. Results of those hard intense pumping? In progress. Hahahahah...

Work load has been picking up significantly. How I wish I could get a normal daytime job. Training right after work is crazy. Working in weekends is also crazy. I'm reaching my 5 year work experience plan already. After that, who knows, I'll land somewhere.

But I feel myself losing it sometimes, seeing friends travelling or settling down. When will it be my turn? Nahhh, I'm in no rush. Although it be nice to actually be someone's soulmate. Beside's, my younger brother is itching to get his own room. I should tell him to pray to Allah and bless me with one soon enough!


Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Square One

Well, here i am again. I almost forgotten about you my blog. Fret not, the light is back. But for this man, the light is still far away to reach. Getting there, but far.

I tried to reason, I tried to understand. I tried to balance out. It seems there's this big animosity to begin with. Let's not dwell on it. I'm tired too. 2 sub-plots of a single story. A further breakdown, a further heartache. A wonderful novel it can be. With every story, there's always that twist, that curveball that no one sees it until the very end when it is usually revealed. However, that story has no twisting tale. It stops here. I dont know who is the villain, who is the slain hero. It just stops, because I want it to stop. I made a decision. Lets just end it there.

I'm sorry, but then this apology wont go down well. But you asked it, pressured me. I tried to make sense, but seems you want the answer, but hope for a different ending. How much it pains me, I must be the bad guy. I'm always be that bad guy, in your eyes, your family.

After a slightly more than a half a year, we go our separate paths. I thought long about the endless possibilities, and the wonderful adventures we can dive into. Who am I kidding right?

Your mum asked for a sign, but my mum asked patience. When we ended, my mum made a decision to meet with your mum. How ironic. That's life.

So, back to Square One. Like you said, I'm not strong, and you need a strong one. Go and find that person. For me, I'll go forth and be stronger.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Goodbye Atok

Sudah lama sejak kita berjumpa, akhirnya Atok kembali ke Rahmatullah. Perasaan kehilangan seorang orang tua sangat menyedihkan. Tetapi Alhamdullilah, segala urusan pengebumikan sudah dilaksanakan dengan tertib. Zat mandikan Atok, sembahyangkan, dan kebumikan. Tu la yang Zat bole membuat, cuma tidak dapat memberi salam terakhir untuk Atok. Smoga Atok selamat di alam Barzar. Al-Fatehah.

Thursday, October 04, 2012


Frustrations, at work, at home, everywhere. It's frustrating how an easy job becomes more challenging and easily the most dumbest thing yet to happen. How ironic to rely on someone to do something wen u always have been relying on others to help u. Merepek la. Aku da bingit dengan keje sini. Its numbered.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Post Eid syndrome

After utilizing all but one day of leave, and gaining weight due the scrumpulous meals at all d houses, im suffering the above stated. What can i do? Ive yet to purchase my Burn60 pills from GNC. They work great as a combo with Pak Tani pills. Confirm can lose a kilo after a night worth of hard work. But its depressing to see a bulge on me. I must fight this God-forsaken disease which is obesity. I must pass my ippt in my lifetime. Only God knows how bad i want it. Lack of motivation, and peer pressure drives me to what i am today. I guess i just play the ignorant fool and filter d usefulness of a friendship, d one who helps, and d one who torments. Insyaallah, time will tell how i fare. I project this endeavour to end in 2 months time. Amin.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New chapter

Ok.. Upsy turvy.. Grandad in hospital. Awaiting d result from the op. a colon tumour and kidney cancer. O God have mercy on the old man.

It'll be a good week as my new home is ready tomove in in 2 days. But grandad and something else dampens d mood. I pray for ur safety atok.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Selamat Berpuasa 2012

Sahaja aku niat berpuasa hari ini di bulan Ramadan keranan Allah Ta'ala...

And so fasting month has begun, and stuffs have moved to my new place. Albeit the underbed cannot be used since its a different model. But im not giving up to make my bro more independent.

Quite a good mood now. Maybe the setans have been pulled back to hell, im more light-shouldered.

Waiting for that mobex to start. But maybe wont be called up, maybe i will. Shall wait for dat to happen. Till then, amin.